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Due Diligence:
Oil And Gas Investment Success
With Our 10 Point Criteria…


In-Field Drilling:

The Railroad Commission of Texas will establish a “Field” with known parameters, when Oil or Gas is found.  Our locations, whether drilling to a deeper horizon, or drilling to find by-passed zones, need to be within the confines of those previously designated fields.

Multi-Stacked Pay Zones

Some Wells only have One (1) Hydrocarbon bearing zone that is productive. In some cases, there are 3 to 5 zones, (some up to 5 to 10 zones), that are capable of production. Our locations need to have multiple zones that have known Oil/Gas Production.

High EUR’s: (Estimated Ultimate Recovery)

The estimated ultimate recovery (EUR), is the amount of Oil/Gas that a Well will produce over its’ life.  If off-setting Wells have low EUR’s, then why drill there?  Our locations need to have high potential EUR’s.


Well Locations surrounded by previously known Hydrocarbon Production

Many productive horizons can “pinch out” or “fault out”, even being surrounded by offset production.  But also, many zones are contiguous and easily mapped geologically, even on the other side of a fault.  Our locations need to show this sub-surface mapped support.

Under-Spaced Wells: (Well drained less acreage than Well Spacing)

The existence of very technical, (petroleum engineering), equations supporting hydrocarbon drainage from a particular zone around a well bore is recognized. But time and time again, those mathematical suppositions are proved wrong by the drill bit.  In other words, some Wells spaced 40 acres apart, were proved later to have only drained 10 acres.  Our locations seek those situations.

More Advanced Imaging Technology

Earlier, less-advanced imagining of hydrocarbon bearing sands, or carbonates, inside a well bore were inefficient. Many times it could image the biggest zones, but missed so many big highly productive, virgin reservoirs…that simple could not be seen. Out wells will be logged with the most advanced imaging technology that currently exists. Why drill a well if you don’t image every foot?

Conventional Straight-Hole Wells

Drilling horizontal laterals, and doing multi-staged hydro fracturing within that leg can be very effective. But the mechanical complexities and costs are far more than our risk profile and potential multiples of capital expenditures.  Our locations need to be drilled to avoid that risk.

Multi-Well Drilling Locations

A prospect that has only a potential for one Well does not fit our criteria for a successful project.  We seek areas with the potential for 6 to 10+ locations to drill and complete. 

Low Finding and Development Costs

Some Wells can cost 10+ million to drill, and have another 10 million+ in seismic costs, and another 10+ million in infra-structure costs.  We seek locations that meet the upper criteria and therefore have less cost to be successful.

Low Mechanical Risk

Deeper, high-pressure, high-temperature wells with intermediate strings;  Horizontal Wells with 3000+ feet laterals;  Wells that need multi-stage, hydro fracturing;  Are examples of Wells that carry a higher percentage of mechanical risk, sometime as high as 20-30%.   We seek locations that are straight, conventional Wells, that carry a 5% mechanical risk, and therefore a higher chance of success.

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