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Advantages of Oil and Gas Investing…


Oil & Gas: A Billion Dollar Industry

Learn Why You Should Invest

Tax Advantages

Direct investment in oil and gas is subject to highly favorable tax incentives, many of which can often be claimed in the first year of investment. See more…

Rapid Project Deployment

The utilization of fields under the control of participating operators and leveraging of existing infrastructure allows for shortened timelines and a faster return on investment.

Long-Term Income

Oil and gas projects can pay off for as long as 20 to 30 years after the initial well is drilled – an income stream that is independent of interest rates, stock market trends, and other short-term fluctuations.

Quarterly Revenue Disbursement

Net revenue checks will be distributed on a quarterly basis through an accredited U.S. commercial bank with a sound financial standing.

Transparent Communication

Investors will be kept fully informed through quarterly newsletters, detailed project updates, regular financial reporting, and private-access partner pages.

Multiple Safeguards

At every stage in the process, Crestwood Energy implements crucial financial, legal, and technological safeguards to limit risk and further strengthen the value of each project.

To find out if direct investment in oil and gas is a suitable option for you, or to request a detailed overview brochure, click here to contact Crestwood Energy.

For answers to common oil and gas investment questions, visit our FAQs.

Tax Benefits

Potential Tax Advantages

No other form of tax-oriented investment offers the same abundance of advantages as oil and gas – benefits that are implicitly legislated by the U.S. Government in order to stimulate this industry. While any tax benefits should be discussed thoroughly with a tax attorney prior to investing, the following example is useful in demonstrating the potential rewards:*

Investment amount $10,000 (USD)
Intangible drilling costs and other deductible expenses $7,000
Tangible equipment costs and other capitalized costs(Amortized over 5-7 years) $280
Total first year tax deductions $7,280
Potential tax savings (Estimate based on 35% tax bracket) $2,548**


For more information on the benefits of oil and gas, click here to contact Crestwood Energy.

For answers to common oil and gas investment questions, visit our FAQs.


* Advantages of oil and gas investments are due to tax-reduction strategies applicable to investments of this type. Each Limited Partnership (LP) participant’s tax liabilities are different. Consult your personal tax advisor regarding the potential benefits of oil and gas LP participation. The example assumes a self-employed person in the 35% tax bracket. The benefits shown in this example may only be available to qualified U.S. investors.
** Depending on the specific timing of drilling the wells and placing the equipment in service for each of the wells, this amount may be different. The example is provided for general information only. This information is not intended to be individual tax advice. The LP participant should consult his/her personal tax advisor concerning the applicability and effect on his/her personal tax situation. Tax laws change from time to time and there can be no guarantee of the interpretation of the tax laws.

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