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About Crestwood Energy - Your pathway to oil and gas profits

About Crestwood Energy…

Crestwood Energy, LLC is an Oil & Gas Company that was formed to take advantage of the large profits associated with investing in oil and gas, Drilling and Developing new Reserves. Crestwood’s experienced team has far more than 150 years of combined experience in the Oil & Gas Industry.

We believe, that for Crestwood and its participant’s monetary benefit, drilling shallow, low-cost, low-mechanical-risk, conventional wells that exhibit multi-stacked-pay-sands can yield the highest estimated ultimate recovery’s, and prolific 10 to 15 year life Wells. Following these criteria means higher chances-of-success, and therefore, higher potential returns.

Crestwood’s mission is simple. We drill inside known, recognized RRC fields, that were developed in an age (50’s, 60’s, 70’s), when the technology to find Oil & Gas Reservoirs was far less advanced as today. We use the most advanced tools; to find, analyze reservoir potential, calculate drainage areas, and develop the hydrocarbons that could not be imaged in these older fields.

Our geo-techs know that Oil & Gas exists and were produced here inside the confines of the RRC designated field. But, could the operators in those days analyze these reservoirs using the imaging technology that existed then? Crestwood and other companies are proving that many pay-sands were just…simply missed.

At Crestwood Energy, we believe Business is only as good as the quality of its people in management. Honesty and Integrity are not just words, but the minimum requirements for Crestwood to work and succeed in the Oil & Gas Industry.


Meet Owner Randy Massey

Randy Massey is the busy father of 4 children with an extensive & successful background in the Oil & Gas Business. He has crossed the country from Texas to Louisiana working in this industry.

Randy has 30+ years of experience in the upstream aspects of the Oil & Gas Industry from Mineral Leasing, Drilling-Completion Operations, Work-Over Operations, Productive Well Operations in TX and LA., Remedial Field Operations Financial Experience, Acquisition-Divestment, and Day-to Day Business Operations. Member of:

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